Day 13: yoga for the immune system, part 1 – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

Here’s a 12 minute yoga sequence that will boost your health. It targets opening the major concentration of lymph nodes in the body. Lymph nodes are responsible for collecting foreign particles and toxins. This sequence encourages the drainage of these substances allowing the body to perform at its best.



Day 2: walking in the woods meditation – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

Tuesday, April 2 is Day 2 of our 28 Day Yoga Challenge. Join me in setting the intention to practice at least 5 minutes of yoga and at least 5 minutes of meditation each day. Looking for some ideas for your yoga and meditation practice? I’ve included my Walking In the Woods, a guided meditation here: walking in the woods

Also, view some of my short yoga practices here:

Yoga for Better Balance

Yoga for the Rest of Us – 15 minute sequence

I have lots of great suggestions to keep you going this month, so check back each day for new asana videos, meditations, great recipes and tips for healthy eating.