Yoga for Cyclists Workshop, Thurs. March 12 – 7:15 pm

cyclistCyclists have specific physical challenges and goals. Yoga is the perfect complementary cross-training tool and support to help you enhance your strength, flexibility and endurance. Those who cycle extensively may have years of tight muscles and repetitive motion to unwind. Come to this workshop to learn how to recover from intense workouts more quickly, to encourage your body to work at optimal levels and to enjoy this wonderful sport more fully. I love teaching yoga therapeutics and think that you’ll benefit from this informative and fun special workshop.

When: Thursday, March 12 – 7:15 to 8:45 pm.

How much: $35 per person (cash or check). Pre-registration is a must! Call or email me to reserve your space!

Where: Arlington Community Church, 6040 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205

Come to this special workshop to:

  • Learn the one Pranayama (breathing) practice that can help you improve your speed, build your respiratory power and endurance
  • Learn yoga poses for strength and flexibility, targeting the key areas for cyclists:
    • greater lower back strength
    • relieving the pain of tight hip flexors
    • build leg strength
    • enhance concentration
    • fluidity for overworked joints
  • You’ll receive handouts and a simple yoga program that you can use pre or post-workout

Cell: 703-626-8349 – Suzanne Morgan


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