Day 21 – yoga and our sense of smell

It’s Day 21 of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge. I hope you had a great time and expanded your practice. If you missed a few days of meditating or yoga (or almost all days), no worries. What’s past is past. The goal isn’t to have a perfect practice, it’s just to practice more and to practice being aware.

I like to offer my yoga students different tools from the yoga toolbox, so to speak. There are a thousand ways to meditate or to bring your consciousness to the present moment. Today, let’s use the sense of smell to hone our concentration and expand our awareness. Enjoy the video above.

Today also is Summer Solstice – my absolute favorite day of the year. Promise me that you’ll enjoy nature today and the beautiful light of the Sun.

A new 21 Day Yoga Challenge starts July 1. I’ll have even more for you next month.