Yoga for Your Moon Cycle, back and hip-opening sequence

Hi, fabulous yoga friends!

I’ve designed today’s video to ease cramps and any menstrual pain, but is also a wonderful hip and back-opening practice for just about anyone. Here are the five poses that I’ve featured:

  1. diamond pose – with a forward fold and rounded back
  2. wide-legged pose – with a forward fold
  3. butterfly pose – optional rocking side to side, then opening the heart
  4. wide-legged child’s pose
  5. laying over a rolled blanket on to the belly

When you practice yoga on your “moon cycle” (menstrual cycle), keep your practice easy and short, especially during the first day or two. Some of us in the yoga world call it the moon cycle, because in yoga the sun represents masculine energy and the moon is the feminine energy. Think of feminine energy as being more receptive, less active, gentler and cooler. Of course, we all have both feminine and masculine energy. Sometimes one is more dominant than the other.

Enjoy your practice today and be well.