lotus pose – basics plus advanced variations

Ah, the quintessential yoga pose is padmasana, full lotus pose. It’s so beautiful and calming, but is inaccessible to most yoga students. Full lotus pose is definitely an intermediate or advanced pose that requires an openness in the hips and flexibility in the ankles, feet and quadriceps.

In today’s video on our 11th day of the 21 Day Yoga Challenge, I’ll show you how to prepare and get into full lotus pose. I also provide two advanced variations of the pose that are fun to work with.

Please, please honor your body when practicing this pose. If you feel distress in the body, overstretching of the knees or anything that resembles pain, please come out of the pose. The knees can easily become injured if your body is not yet ready for this pose.

I hope you are enjoying the 21 Day Yoga Challenge. I’ll have a new challenge starting August 1.