I like things a little messy

sunday morning yoga practice

Sunday Morning Yoga Practice: dog + yoga mat = happiness

Day 19 of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge. I like things a little messy. I’m neat and organized around the house and yoga studio. I like things in their place and a home that’s reasonably clean. I don’t care for things too buttoned up though. Take for instance the yoga flow video I’m going to release later today. It’s a little messy. My hair is kinda freaky and in the way. My top makes me look pregnant. (I’m way too old for that.) And the video cuts off my head in a couple of places.

It’s not that I didn’t notice those things during production. It’s that I made a decision to go with it and let my spirit and intention carry the message. Yoga magazines and videos provide us with constant access to perfect yoga bodies and perfect poses. Frankly, I just don’t compare. What’s more important to me is having a clear intention, sharing my passion and inspiring others.

One of these days I’m going to get better at video production. In the meantime, I try to do a good job and be happy in my imperfection.

Today I wish for you happy imperfection.



Day 22: the perfection of being imperfect – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

suzanne and olivia at wineryI like things a little messy. I like a house clean and organized but looking lived in so that the personality and spirit of the inhabitants shine through. I love learning a new friend’s flaws. I love to know that I can safely share my own. I like faces with imperfect features, interesting and unusual beauty. I just love to see my yoga students express a yoga sequence in their own style, with quirky nuances, fully lived.

A reformed perfectionist, I finally learned how to laugh at myself. Now I can say I really enjoy myself. If you’ve been to one of my yoga classes, then you know that and you’ve had fun too. I can entertain myself easily. I’m better at resting into my failures to accomplish, my goals slightly missed and my best being highly imperfect. I’ve gotten completely comfortable watching myself on video, hearing my own voice. I am a unique expression of the life force we all share. I love your unique, imperfect self too.