yoga for hip bursitis – 15 minute hip sequence for strengthening and flexibility

This 15 minute yoga video offers five therapeutic yoga poses for hip bursitis. If you are a yoga teacher, this is a great video to learn more about the therapeutic applications of yoga. I have several teaching tips in this video. This is also a great practice for everyone, as most people have tight hips, IT band issues, piriformis problems, etc.

A bursa is a sac at the joint that allows smooth movement and connects with the bone and tendons. Bursitis is when the bursa becomes inflamed and is painful, for some people – very painful. Bursitis affects the surrounding muscles. These surrounding muscles need to be gently strengthened and stretched.

This video goes slow and easy. If you’d like a more active or challenging practice today, you can check out my three other hip sequence videos. I’ll post each below.

I hope you find this helpful.



Short Yoga Flow for the Hips

Yoga for the IT band and outer hips

Yoga Hip Opener Sequence