my top 9 recommendations – herbal remedies that heal and support

suzanneMorganBannerThose of you who are actively living a healthy lifestyle may know Banyan Botanicals. Banyan is a wonderful company where I receive a lot of my current Ayurveda products.  My friends at Banyan put together a special page of my top 9 recommendations. Check it out, here. And here’s why I love these 9 Healing Helpers:

1101_tranquil-mind-tabs_1Tranquil Mind: The name says it all!

1051_triphala-tabs_1Triphala: One of the famous Ayurveda healing herbal formulas. This is a gentle herbal detox and rejuvenation.

daily_massage_oil_groupxlarge_updatedDaily Oil Massage: Incorporating a daily self-massage with quality organic oils has been a life changing practice that grounds and nourishes me. Learn how to do abhyanga here.

3581_beauty-balmBeauty Balm: Deeply nourishing. I use it on my feet, my hands, my lips. I really adore this! It has a very, very mild nice scent of rose geranium.



1111_stress-ease-tabs_1Stress-ease: This is great for when I’m feeling fatigued, stressed or overwhelmed.

tridoshic-daily-routine-kitxlargeDaily Routine Kit: One of the best things I’ve done is create a daily grounding routine. Here is the basic kit for self-care.

5211_tongue-cleanerTongue Cleanser: Or get the tongue cleaner separately. This is a must have to remove toxins from the body in the morning. Find out why scraping the tongue facilitates great health here.

1271_i-sleep-soundly-tabs_1I Sleep Soundly: Helps me get to sleep. Completely natural and organic. No sleepy hangover.

1021_ashwagandha-tabs_1Ashwaganda: This lovely helps you resist stress, retain vital energy and promotes sound sleep.



Just got my Masters in Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition! Woo-hoo!

ayurveda certificateYou may be aware that I just graduated with a Masters in Ayurvedic Digestion & Nutrition in July. I’m now a full-fledged Ayurvedic Nutrition, Lifestyle and Health Consultant. Ayurveda offers deep healing through natural methods. This new work blends perfectly in with my yoga teaching. I am madly in love with helping others find better health and happiness. Might I help you?

I specialize in…

  • nutrition
  • lifestyle enhancements
  • weight-loss
  • and all digestive issues and pathologies.

Schedule an Health or Nutrition Consultation
If you’d like a private consultation, I’m offering an introductory rate of $49 for 49 minutes. We’ll meet in person or by Skype. For more information or to schedule an appointment, email me at



Learning How to Identify Imbalances Early to Manage Emotion and Resist Disease – Workshop on Tuesday!

hydrangeasJoin me Tuesday evening July 28 from 6 to 9 pm for a special workshop at my home yoga studio in North Arlington, Virginia. The topic of the workshop is Learning How to Identify Imbalances Early to Manage Emotion and Resist Disease. We’ll have fun with hands-on demonstrations, specific life-style and food recommendations and learning how to bring balance into the body, mind and spirit naturally.

Come to this workshop and you’ll learn:

  • how imbalances in the body and mind shape our emotions, then over time shape our beliefs, then change who we are
  • how imbalances (even subtle – or seemingly insignificant from a Western medicine point of view) are really cries for awareness. The body always seeks balance and provides these skillful signs to ask us to pay attention.
  • how the skills of Ayurveda can help you identify physical, emotional and mental imbalances early
  • you’ll start to learn how to detect imbalances so that you can predict and prevent disease
  • how to create a wonderful, grounding daily routine
  • more about eating with the season and balancing the hot Pitta time of year
  • BONUS: I’ll cook you a light, healthy dinner.

I can take a few more participants. The cost is $75, cash or check made payable to: Suzanne Morgan.

What you’ll need to bring: 

Just bring your lovely self and a notebook or journal. But please try not to wear perfume. There are at least 2 of us that have chemical sensitivities. I used to adore perfume but sadly it doesn’t like me now. 😦

No prior experience in yoga or Ayurveda is necessary.

If you are interested, please email or call me soon!



Learning New Things: I’m going backpacking to learn herbology!

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina

Woo-hoo! I’m headed out early tomorrow morning for a promising long weekend get-away. I’m going backpacking on the Appalachian Trail near Asheville, North Carolina to learn herbology from Ayurvedic expert John Immel of the renowned Joyful Belly. Cool, right?

I’m a nature buff, but I’ve never been backpacking. Car camping yes, but backpacking no. I hike often, but it’s a thrill to learn a lot of new things. I hope to learn skills that allow me to go backpacking with my dog, Olivia. I will be learning how to find and identify common herbs and learn their healing benefits. (I hope to share those healing benefits with my yoga students.) I’ll learn how to  prepare wildfood and I will be doing a weekend detox with twelve strangers.

I’ve bought a super cool tent, a small shovel for proper pooping in the woods and a water filter. My borrowed large backpack is packed and ready to go!

After the weekend on the Trail, I’ll be staying in Asheville which is said to have lots of wonderful vegetarian restaurants and yoga studios.

Wish me luck! I’ll report back at the end of the trip.



Day 6: the healing properties of sesame oil – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old medical system that works to keep one’s health in a perfect state of balance. Ayurveda and yoga are sister disciplines. Ayurvedic remedies are used for both prevention and healing and are carried out entirely by natural means.

I’ve become fascinated with Ayurvedic remedies and have recently discovered the healing properties of sesame oil. Take a look at the video above for tips on getting to sleep more quickly, grounding the body and getting rid of ear aches.

By the way, use regular sesame oil – not toasted sesame oil – unless you really want to smell like sesame!