audio meditation to anchor the mind

Welcome to Day 4 of my free 21 Day Yoga Challenge. I’ve included a 9 minute audio meditation that you can use in your practice to settle and anchor the mind. This meditation uses a pranayama (breathing practice) with a kumbhaka (a pause in breathing).

Today, the pause on the inhale will represent what you’d like to bring more of into your life, what brings you joy. During your meditation, you can set an intention around this idea. In more general terms, a pause during the inhale helps bring more prana or energy to the body. So if you are sleepy, you can use the pause on the inhale to wake you up.

By contrast, the association that we’ll use today for the pause on the exhale is the ability to surrender or let go. Set an intention for something that you are ready to let go of, such as a relationship that no longer works, a pain in the body, etc. In more general terms, a pause on the exhale is calming for the body and mind, so that’s a perfect practice to do to help you get to sleep or to relieve anxiety.

Let me know how you like this and how it works for you.



soothing chime audio meditation

Welcome to Day 17 of our 21 Day Yoga Meditation! I hope that you are making time in your schedule for at least 5 minutes of yoga and at least 5 minutes of meditation a day.

Here’s an audio meditation that I created this morning using my chimes. There are no words – just the sound of the chimes. It’s so relaxing. If you enjoy this, please let me know by “liking” this post or sending me a comment.

I’ve got some great things lined up for the next four days of our challenge, so stay tuned.

I wish you peace, light and love.



Day 8 – “Grounding With the Earth” Free Audio Meditation

It’s Day 8 of our 21 Day Yoga Meditation. I just came in from outside. I was lying on my front lawn with my dog, Olivia, both of us enjoying the warm summer sun for hours. I felt the full support of the earth as I gazed up at the trees and the sky. It’s such a simple pleasure really, but one that we often don’t allow ourselves.

Today I offer an eleven minute audio meditation that I call Grounding With the Earth. It provides the obvious soothing benefits of meditation. You can also use this to set some positive intentions, as this meditation reflects on abundance, prosperity, vitality, security and stability. I really like this audio. I hope you do too! Enjoy.



P.S. If you know your chakras, this is for chakra one.