I offer one-on-one private yoga sessions to help students move forward in their yoga practice. Your private session will be customized to your needs and your level of experience. Students new to yoga will feel safe asking questions and receiving personal, detailed instruction – free from injury. Experienced practitioners will receive focused attention to help them achieve specific results quickly.

  • I hour private lesson: $85
  • 1 1/2 hour private lesson $120

Your private session can be tailored to include in-depth meditation techniques, detailed guidance in asana (physical poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques), as well as yogic guidance for personal/professional issues. If you are a teacher in training, your private can include learning how to create inspiring classes and sequencing and how to teach from authenticity.

Some of the benefits of a series of private sessions with me include:

  • therapeutics for a specific injury or illness
  • personal attention, based on your specific needs and goals, at your own pace
  • find quiet time; time to focus on yourself
  • learn specific alignment and modifications for your body. Learn what your body needs.
  • deepen your practice by gaining knowledge and technique in focused learning
  • learn how to develop a home practice

Traditionally, yoga was always taught one-on-one by a “guru” or experienced teacher to a student. The master teacher offered a highly customized practice for the student based on the student’s physical, mental and emotional needs.

I honor this tradition and find that private sessions can be very fulfilling, and for some – very healing.

I invite you to inquire about my availability and my rates. I would like to work with you.



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