my cookbook!

Simple * Healthy * Comfort Food

heres to your health soupBook description (52 pages with full color photos):

I’m a busy yoga teacher with a passion for great food. To me, great food is food that is super-tasty, very satisfying and makes me feel good after I eat it. That’s what you’ll find in this cookbook – just simple, healthy, comfort food that’s easy to make. The key to every great recipe is to use good, if not great quality ingredients. The quality of the ingredients you use is of the utmost importance both for the taste of the food as well as the health of your body. I always choose organic and sustainably-raised products and so should you. I do eat dairy, fish and meat – but only sustainably-raised, humanely treated and in small portions. For those of you who are vegetarians, you’ll find options here. Many of my recipes include vegan and vegetarian options or can be easily adapted. For more recipes or to learn more about healthy living, join my yoga video blog at

I’m trying something new for the PDF version. This is a pay what you can option via PayPal. You pick what you want to pay for this book based on an honor system. Go here to pay me for the PDF version.

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Then download the PDF version here: Simple Healthy Comfort Food Cookbook 12 8 13

Go here to order a soft cover copy from Amazon for $14.40 USD:



3 thoughts on “my cookbook!

  1. One of the best books I have ever purchased- no doubt! It came in last week and I have been referring to it daily. Simple and easy to adapt to your life!

  2. Not only is Suzanne an amazing yoga instructor, she is also a fantastic cook (her food is to die for with so many yummy flavors), and I’m delighted to be able to purchase her cookbook! She is truly an amazingly creative, talented, giving and hardworking person, who has a lot to offer in so many ways to make our lives blissful.

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