hasta mudras for health & healing

Hasta Mudras for Health & Healing

by Suzanne Morgan

hasta mudra book cover  2I wrote the book Hasta Mudras for Health & Healing in 2008. I’m thrilled that I’ve found a few publishing solutions that now allow me to offer my book at less than half the price as before. Hasta Mudras for Health & Healing is a beautiful picture book that is sold at Amazon and CreateSpace in soft cover 8.5 x 8.5 format. Or you can purchase a digital version here on my website for $8 via PayPal. I think you’ll love it! – Suzanne

Order Here:

Soft cover $15 – 8.5 x 8.5, 72 page book

to order from CreateSpace $15 go here

to order from Amazon $14.20 go here.

Digital PDF version $8 – get it instantly! PDF version that you print from your computer, 72 pages

to order from me via PayPal, click here.

 * Please click on “return to Suzanne Morgan Yoga” when your purchase is complete. You will be sent directly to the PDF.

Preview a few sample pages here:.hasta mudras for health and healing PDF sample

About the book:


A hasta mudra is a gesture or positioning of the hands to channel and direct energy in the body.  Mudras come from the over three thousand year old tradition of yoga originating in India. Hasta means “hand” in Sanskrit and mudra comes from the Sanskrit word “mud”, meaning to delight. A mudra is a “seal” as in sealing your connection with the Divine and sealing energy in the body.  There are many forms of mudras, such as with the eyes and the tongue.  Mudras may also incorporate the whole body. This book focuses on the hasta mudras, the hands.

While yoga is a spiritual practice, it also offers practical healing applications that benefit even those who aren’t spiritually oriented. Hasta mudras work in a way that can be compared to acupuncture or reflexology. By activating parts of the hand, a hasta mudra opens up channels of energy and sends messages to the brain.

Topics addressed in the book:

  • acceptance
  • back pain
  • balance
  • balancing energy
  • blessings
  • boosting immune system
  • calming anxieties
  • consciousness
  • digestion
  • energy
  • enlightenment
  • alleviating exhaustion
  • fearlessness
  • femininity
  • grounding
  • headaches
  • intuition
  • knowledge
  • letting go
  • listening
  • meditation
  • namaste
  • overcoming obstacles
  • openness
  • patience
  • prayer, worship
  • releasing pent up energies
  • memory
  • self-confidence
  • sexual balance
  • stability
  • relieving stress
  • vitality
  • creating wealth
  • wisdom
  • wishing

1 thought on “hasta mudras for health & healing

  1. I just practiced the Uttarabodhi Mudra set I tentionsfor release of negative energy and receive positive and I have back pain and felt release down both legs to me feet almost instantly so I will order your book and learn take care 😊🙏

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