Why Willpower Doesn’t Work & A Better Way to Uplevel Your Health & Well-being

Most of us want to be healthier. Some of us want to lose weight. Others are struggling with fatigue and chronic health problems. Yet if we’re honest, most of us aren’t getting healthier. We’ve either plateaued or are slowly getting worse. Why?

As a health and lifestyle coach, yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner, I’ve learned that it’s not because we don’t know what actions we should be taking. We often do know what to do. And there’s never been a time when more advice, research, inspiration and knowledge has been so easily available to us. The trick is learning how to integrate those actions and healthy habits into our lives.

Here are two common traps that are bound to sabotage health success:

  1. Trying to go it alone. If you’ve been trying to make positive change on your own for a while and you are not making progress, it’s time to shake things up. Get support. Surround yourself with others who have similar goals. Get a coach or a support group to inspire you, hold you accountable and cheer you on. Women, in particular, evolve much faster in groups. Men, in general, evolve faster working one-on-one with a coach.
  2. Relying on Willpower. Simply put, willpower is way over-rated. It’s great to get you pumped up to take some immediate action, but changing your health habits is like running a marathon. It takes time. And I can guarantee that your enthusiasm and willpower will fade in and out. What works better? Building micro-habits into your life little by little. Making consistent small change.

Would you like some help? I help people who are over scheduled, overwhelmed and struggling with health issues get the vibrant body and vibrant life they’ve always wanted. Are you ready to step into lasting change? I’ll teach you how to use natural solutions to boost your energy, up level your health and find time for the things that are really important to you.

Check out my Vibrant Body Formula hereMy next 10 week program starts Saturday, September 8. It’s really a fabulous, uplifting, successful program! Reach out to me and let’s have a discussion to see if this is the right fit for you.

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