Take My Fruit & Veggie Diversity Challenge

Do you eat the same foods all the time? Do you have the same sad side of broccoli for dinner three times a week? Same salad for lunch most days? An easy way to give your health a huge boost is to make sure that you are eating a wide variety of plants. The average American diet is woefully lacking diversity, particularly with vegetables and fruits. Eating a diverse plant-based diet packs in nutrients and microbes that will boost your immune system and overall health. And another nice benefit is that by adding more diversity you’ll be less likely to crave naughty things.

I’ve been keeping a list of all the different fruits and vegetables that I’ve eaten in the last 10 days. I’m up to 33! My goal is to get to 50 within a month. Catch me if you can. (wink)

Join me with the challenge. First, keep a list of how many different fruits and vegetables you eat in one week. Then try to expand to at least 30 different varieties in one month. Want to be a health rock star? Try to eat at least one fruit or vegetable that you’ve never had before (Stinging nettle? Dandelion? Kolrabi?)

And one last suggestion – always eat in season and organic as much as possible.

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