Inside: My secret to a calm, fulfilling life. (P.S. You can start this Friday!)

Suzanne Morgan Yoga
& Nourish Healthy Living 


February 15, 2016

Hello, fabulous you!

If you asked people about me, one of the first things they would say is that “She smiles easily”, “Suzanne is always smiling.”, “She seems very happy.”

Yep, it’s all true. But it didn’t used to be that way. I used to have gut-wrenching anxiety – ALL THE TIME. My life was full of fear and attachment. I looked good on the outside, but let’s just say that my insides were not happy!
Here’s My Secret
My secret is that I learned how to thrive in my body, mind and spirit by going in-depth with yoga and meditation. I also learned that a proper diet and a daily nourishing routine (Ayurveda) gives me this strong platform on which I can (stop thinking about myself!!!) serve others.

Can I help you find the path to peace, health and service?
Are you ready to start this Friday?

You Are Ready 

Once a year, I offer a 10 month yoga intensive for a small thoughtful group. I am definitely not looking for buff athletes. I am interested in working with individuals who are open to learning how yoga can heal the body, mind and spirit (yours and others!). Hint: what we do in yoga class is only 10% of what yoga really is. There is so much more…and it’s not about having great yoga poses.

If you want to teach yoga someday, you’ll be in the right place. But most people take advantage of the vast tools of yoga to reshape their lives.

It’s a wonderful, laughter-filled journey.

Here’s how to join me:

1)      Check out the ton of info that I have posted online here:

2)      Reach out to me by phone (703-626-8349) or email ( Ask questions. Let’s discuss if this is right for you.

3)      Be prepared to show up at 6 pm on Friday for your new adventure.
Namaste + love,

Nourish Healthy Living and Suzanne Morgan Yoga

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