Yoga for a Healthy Back Workshop – Tues, Jan. 19

stock photo yoga for back pain

Tired of moving like a much older version of yourself? Learn how yoga can heal back pain and help you stay lively and healthy.

For ten years, I had chronic back, neck and shoulder pain from scoliosis. While yoga didn’t cure my scoliosis, it healed my body and totally relieved me from pain. My healing from this pain is why I became a yoga teacher. I love sharing these solutions with others!

Even low grade pain takes a huge toll on our bodies and zaps us from having the energy to be fully present to others and comfortable in the world.

Yoga for a Healthy Back – Tuesday, January 19   7 – 8:30 pm

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to strengthen, stretch and relax the body to address back pain. It’s important to have a mix of strengthening and stretching. For instance too little core work weakens the back. Too much core work exacerbates back pain. In addition to the muscles in the upper and lower back, we’ll learn how to target some major muscle groups that can play a big role in back pain (tight glutes and hips, weak psoas, etc.)

Learn how to care for your back and walk away with some short yoga practices that you can do at home.

Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket (that will be used for support in some of our yoga poses). If you have yoga blocks, please bring them as well. All levels welcome.


Space is limited, so early registration is greatly appreciated. I may be able to accommodate some last minute attendees. $30 per person. Please register online. You can pay by credit card online or register online and pay by cash or check in person. Make checks payable to: Suzanne Morgan. Click here to register.

Call or email me at any time to indicate your interest or with questions: 703-626-8349 or


Arlington Community Church, 6040 Wilson Blvd, Arlington, VA 22205. To find our space at ACC, park in the parking lot at the back of the church. When facing the back of the church, walk around to the right side of the building. Enter the door on the right side of the building, walk up the stairs and our room is on the left side.

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