my top 9 recommendations – herbal remedies that heal and support

suzanneMorganBannerThose of you who are actively living a healthy lifestyle may know Banyan Botanicals. Banyan is a wonderful company where I receive a lot of my current Ayurveda products.  My friends at Banyan put together a special page of my top 9 recommendations. Check it out, here. And here’s why I love these 9 Healing Helpers:

1101_tranquil-mind-tabs_1Tranquil Mind: The name says it all!

1051_triphala-tabs_1Triphala: One of the famous Ayurveda healing herbal formulas. This is a gentle herbal detox and rejuvenation.

daily_massage_oil_groupxlarge_updatedDaily Oil Massage: Incorporating a daily self-massage with quality organic oils has been a life changing practice that grounds and nourishes me. Learn how to do abhyanga here.

3581_beauty-balmBeauty Balm: Deeply nourishing. I use it on my feet, my hands, my lips. I really adore this! It has a very, very mild nice scent of rose geranium.



1111_stress-ease-tabs_1Stress-ease: This is great for when I’m feeling fatigued, stressed or overwhelmed.

tridoshic-daily-routine-kitxlargeDaily Routine Kit: One of the best things I’ve done is create a daily grounding routine. Here is the basic kit for self-care.

5211_tongue-cleanerTongue Cleanser: Or get the tongue cleaner separately. This is a must have to remove toxins from the body in the morning. Find out why scraping the tongue facilitates great health here.

1271_i-sleep-soundly-tabs_1I Sleep Soundly: Helps me get to sleep. Completely natural and organic. No sleepy hangover.

1021_ashwagandha-tabs_1Ashwaganda: This lovely helps you resist stress, retain vital energy and promotes sound sleep.



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