2 spots left in tomorrow night’s Nourish Ayurveda workshop: building resilience

butterflyHello, everyone!

I have 2 more openings for tomorrow night’s Nourish Ayurveda workshop. This is part 1 of a series. The cost is $75 by check or cash. If interested, see more details here and then let me know ASAP if you’d like to attend.https://suzannemorganyoga.com/nourish-ayurveda-yoga-workshop-series/


North Arlington, VA. 22205

What to bring:
Bring a journal or a notebook. Using a new, pretty journal is a nice way to set an intention for self-care.
What you’ll receive: 
* a light meal that highlights the season and a demonstration of why they work (feel free to bring an additional snack for yourself or to share)
* recommendations for foods that balance the body during summer
* weekly exercises to build your skills in awareness (your participation is optional)
* weekly fun mindfulness techniques to bring you in right relation with nature (your participation is optional)
* sample herb that will help balance you during this season 
* a binder to hold your handouts 
* health quizzes and fun prizes!
* to have fun learning practical wisdom 
* to be inspired
* to spend some time journaling and in contemplation 
* to be fully supported and held in the light
I will discuss how yoga and ayurveda work hand-in-hand and we will be practicing some meditation. I may also suggest some yoga poses, but no need to dress for yoga or bring a yoga mat.
Namaste + love,

1 thought on “2 spots left in tomorrow night’s Nourish Ayurveda workshop: building resilience

  1. Hi Suzanne. I loved the WS and how you presented the info! I talked too much tho 💁. I want to come to the next one on Tuesday Eve so reserve my spot please. I loved sitting on your porch with the other women and you and Olivia. It felt so summery and sweet. I don’t know if I will do it for credits or just come every time i I can. Should I mail you a check or just bring it. Great class. !!

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