Yoga Awakenings: the yoga training that will change your life

butterfly turquoiseFor a 24 page PDF that details my Yoga Awakenings 200-hour Teacher Training & Yoga Intensive click on the butterfly.



The way I feel about yoga could be summed up by Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s famous line in Sonnet 43 “How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.” Yoga has literally changed my life. From my twenties to early thirties I had constant, nagging low-grade pain from scoliosis. Yoga healed the pain and I wanted to give that gift to others. Becoming a yoga teacher has been the gift that keeps giving. What I got back will sound like a promotional ad for yoga:

My concentration improved greatly allowing me to focus fully on my work and my life.

I became a much nicer person. I wasn’t a bad or unkind person before. But I certainly spend less time thinking about myself than I used to. I become softer, more authentic, courageous and powerful each year by practicing and teaching. The more I allow me to be me, the more I allow you to be you.

I have become more vulnerable, hence my relationships have deepened and expanded.

I can’t even describe the changes in how I manage stress. I’m free from that constant tension in the eyes and the belly. And the constant worry.

My faith is richer, my friends closer, my relationships steady.

I feel good in my body.

And that’s just a few ways in which I’ve benefited.

If you’ve experienced one or more benefits of yoga and would like to enrich your life or the lives of others, come and join my 200-hour Yoga Awakenings Teacher Training & Yoga Intensive. It starts August 22. I am accepting applications now. Join me on the beautiful path.



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