Help Me Celebrate! My Yoga Awakenings 200-Hour Teacher Training & Yoga Intensive Sails Through Yoga Alliance’s Rigorous Standards



Hi, my yoga friends!

I am so thrilled and honored that my upcoming Teacher Training & Yoga Intensive sailed through Yoga Alliance’s standards. I now have a Registered Yoga School (RYS) that meets and exceeds the rigorous standards set by yoga’s leading association and registry, Yoga Alliance. Help me celebrate by doing one or more of the following:

  • Get crazy – do a headstand, handstand or your favorite yoga pose!
  • Reflect on how yoga has changed your life.
  • Share the love. Know anyone who would like to deepen their knowledge and practice of yoga. Send them to the Yoga Awakenings Program Overview and Detailed Course Descriptions. Our program starts August 22, 2014.

And a huge heart-felt THANK YOU to my students, yoga friends and followers. You inspire me!

Big love + Namaste,




Yoga Awakenings Teacher Training and Yoga Intensive is a 200-hr Registered Yoga School with Yoga Alliance. At completion of the program, graduates are eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Yoga Awakenings Teacher Training Program and Yoga Intensive will help you more deeply connect with your body, tame your mind and let your spirit soar. This program offers practical solutions both for those seeking to teach yoga and for others who simply want to deepen their yoga practice. Learn tangible therapeutic, energetic, yoga skills to help yourself or others who suffer from illness and pain, stress or a mind that won’t seem to quiet.

This 200 hour program is firmly grounded in yoga philosophy. It offers very practical applications for how to teach yoga and therapeutics for healing the body. It will help you build confidence that you can apply to all areas of your life. Living and teaching from a place of authenticity and love is the heart of this program. It’s a passionate playground where awareness, inspired action and wellness skip hand-in-hand. Come and join me on the playground. You’ll laugh – I promise.

Overall Learning Objectives

At completion of this program, you will (1) have practical knowledge to enable you to start teaching beginner and all-level yoga; (2) have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of yoga therapy; (3) have learned the history and basic philosophy of yoga. You’ll learn how to begin to teach these fundamental principles in a yoga class and/or how to apply it to your life; (4) learn specific skills on how to become an effective and ethical yoga teacher; (5) become a more adept yoga practitioner having learned different tools, styles and energetic practices to open the body and calm the mind.

If you have benefited from yoga and would like to share the gift, consider joining me on this spectacular journey. I welcome all inquiries and will not discriminate based on your age, weight or current profession.

This is a foundational course that is meant to help you deepen your own practice so that you can share the love (in a classroom of your own someday or in the supermarket) with others. If you are interested, please sign up today! Program starts August 22, 2014.

Suzanne Morgan


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