would you like to become a yoga teacher?

national harbor 018

a yoga class I taught at National Harbor last summer

Hello, my dear Yoga Friends!

Two items are on my mind today. Perhaps you can help?:

I am strongly considering offering a 200-hour teacher training certification. This certification would offer yoga geeks, yoga geeks-to-be and yoga teachers-to-be solid, practical, organized education on how to teach yoga, anatomy/physiology, yoga life-style, teaching methodology, philosophy, etc.

If you have a desire to become a yoga teacher or simply want to expand your knowledge of yoga and are interested in exploring the possibilities, please let me know as soon as possible. I am looking for a minimum of eight participants. The training would start in the Fall. Classes would be held on the weekends.
I am looking for additional space to teach more yoga classes. Do you know of any space? Arlington Community Church has been very good to me and I will continue those classes. I’m looking for a similar type facility that will allow me to use the space for a small fee.

I’m also looking to expand my classes by offering more corporate yoga – going into an organization and teaching yoga to employees. Would your company be interested in paying for something like this?

Email me at suzannemorganyoga@yahoo.com or call me with questions at 703-626-8349.

Namaste + love,


P.S. Be sure to practice yoga and meditation today. You’ll be glad you did!

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