do yoga outside – Sunset Yoga starts this Thursday!

tree pose at C&O canal, WV while hiking with my sister Margaret & her husband, Dan

Tree pose at C&O Canal, WV while hiking with my sister Margaret & her husband, Dan on Easter Sunday

Welcome to Day 21 of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Today is a recap of our April  Challenge with the suggestion that yoga and meditation are accessible at anytime, anywhere. I always like to put my favorite things together, such as taking an impromptu yoga pose while enjoying Nature. And that’s why I’m so thrilled to announce my new Sunset Yoga class that starts this Thursday, April 24th and goes until the end of October. If you live in the Washington, DC area, come and join me on Thursday nights at 7 pm at Potomac Overlook Regional Park. Get your yoga fix and Nature fix at the same time. Come and meet Olivia the dog on select dates.

Find out more about my classes and details about Sunset Yoga here.

Okay, now for our 21 Day Yoga Challenge recap. How did you do? Did you practice yoga and meditation most days? (Any day?) Don’t worry if you missed some of the challenge. The idea is to simply build healthy habits, one day at a time. If you meditated or practiced yoga one day more than what you normally would do, then you were successful. Let’s keep it going!

Here are the suggestions I offered during this challenge:

  1. Welcome Spring! Welcome New You!
  2. Today’s meditation: connecting with your power animal
  3. Good morning, Sunshine! muffins
  4. Short yoga sequences
  5. Tiny chia seeds pack big health punch
  6. gossip
  7. the go-to yoga pose for tranquility and renewal

  8. Joyous belly “I feel great” salad
  9. Yoga for back pain
  10. labyrinths: forward movement toward self-realization

  11. It’s not about you
  12. yoga posture for the throat: relief for colds, speaking your truth, excessive talking
  13. Yin yoga, part 1
  14. Yin yoga, part 2
  15. Salve for a bad day
  16. Yoga for healthy joints
  17. Soothing chime meditation
  18. Mango salsa, brighten your day
  19. The outside world is a reflection of your inside
  20. eyes open meditation: color
  21. do yoga outside

I wish you light and love!


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