eyes open meditation: color



Happy Easter! Welcome to Day 20 of my 21 Day Yoga Challenge.

This past Friday I spent the afternoon plant shopping at nurseries with my sister Anne. This is hands-down one of my favorite things to do – and it is made many times more enjoyable in Anne’s company. She and I share the same of love of plants, organic fruits and vegetables, nature and animals. You should have seen us at the nurseries. For hours, we laughed with utter delight and looked with amazement at the colors and shapes of the plants. We saw stunning parrots, ponds full of fish and row after row of flowers, herbs and shrubs. And the colors! The colors of nature simply fill my heart.

The beginning of Spring is a wonderful time to reflect on the colors in nature. Spend some time today really focusing, really noticing and meditating on various colors in Nature. Ponder the beauty of a flower – not just for a few seconds – but for several minutes. Notice the color of the sky. Meditate on the brilliant design of an animal.

Namaste and love,


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