the outside world is a reflection of your inside

tulipsWelcome to Day 19 of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge.

In your reflection/meditation today, you might consider that everything that you experience in the outside world can be a reflection of what you are experiencing in your inside world – your attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and emotions.

Do you repeatedly see war, violence and anger in others? Then ask yourself, at what times I am at war with myself? How am I self-destructive? How can I release the anger that I’ve turned inward?

Do you find that people always take advantage of you? Have your repetitively been stolen from? Do you abhor people who are greedy? Then you might consider your own greed and whether your own desires lead you to cling. Consider how you can be more generous, perhaps first with yourself. 

See how this works?

This reflection also works to bring awareness to the qualities that serve us well. You may have a day where a certain positive message keeps showing up in your life. Let’s say that today your interactions with family, friends or strangers have been uplifting and loving. You might consider how you have manifested love in your own heart.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. It’s a great way to see our own patterns and choices.

I wish you light and love,




1 thought on “the outside world is a reflection of your inside

  1. What a beautiful reflection! Often so true! The world really isn’t picking on you (at least not all of the time)…often, you’re just at war with yourself!

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