salve for a bad day

lotus pose

Welcome to Day 15 of my 21 Day Yoga Challenge!

Having a tough day? Are you cranky, irritable or discontent? Here’s a quick way to shift your energy. Take a few moments to write down seven things that made you smile this week. You might consider listing small, anecdotal things as opposed to things that you may always be grateful for (family, friends, pets). That keeps it fresh and helps you look for more small wonders in your life.

Here’s my top 7 list:

  1. Driving in my neighborhood, I drove past a group of young children selling lemonade for 25 cents a glass. As I passed them, a young girl called out to me: “Buy one, get one free!” (priceless)
  2. Watching my magnificent pink Magnolia tree bloom.
  3. Hiking with my dog in the warmest, sweetest Spring weather.
  4. Unpacking all my warm-weather clothes. Storing all my Winter clothes.
  5. Running into my best pal, Karen, while walking on the bike path. Having an impromptu girlfriend get-together.
  6. While teaching a semi-private yoga class, I asked my students if they’d like me to do the “cat-walk-up-the back” massage on them and having them respond with utter glee.
  7. Guilty pleasure: Watching an old ’80s movie that I adore. (Masquerade)

Share one or more of your Top 7 List. I’d love to learn what made you smile.



2 thoughts on “salve for a bad day

  1. Sorry for the slow response… This is definitely a great exercise for me to do when I am in a negative space. Thank you so much for recommending this!
    One thing that consistently makes me smile are the things my 2 year old says. I wish I could be so uninhibited.

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