labyrinths: forward movement toward self-realization

finger labyrinth2Welcome to Day 10 of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge! I hope you are making time each day for 10 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation. It’s okay if you have missed some days, but do make an effort to be good to yourself by building your own yoga practice.

Today we will reflect on the symbol of labyrinths. Labyrinths are not to be confused with mazes. Mazes require mental acuity to figure out. The design of labyrinths is straight-forward and easy to navigate. The way in is the way out.

Most labyrinths are circular, symbolizing wholeness. It is a journey in the center – a journey into ourselves – and then a return to our connection with nature, our community and those with which we share our lives.

Labyrinths ask us to slow down and be in the present. Each step is a step of awareness. Being on the path of a labyrinth demonstrates forward movement toward self-realization.

Labyrinths can be architectural structures, can be drawn in the sand or built with rocks or sticks. The photo above is of the finger labyrinth that my sister Margaret gave me years ago. I place it on the wall for reflection and then sometimes take it down to trace for my meditation.

Suggestion for today’s practice:

Try a walking meditation today. Find an open space to walk. Silence your cell phone and put away the music. See how slow you can walk. Walk with attention, noticing what the feet feel like touching the earth. Open your awareness to all surrounding sounds. Notice your breath. Notice where you are in the body, mind and spirit. Notice what’s agreeable as well as what’s disagreeable.

Afterwards, reflect on your experience.





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