the last of winter

Snowman does headstand! (apologizes for lack of photo credit. This came from a friend of a friend)

Snowman does headstand! (apologizes for lack of photo credit. This came from a friend of a friend)

Hello, my dear yoga friends.

Everyone is getting into yoga these days, as illustrated by the super cute snowman above. For myself, I’m really looking forward to Spring and all the abundance that comes with it. Here’s a couple quick updates for what’s going on:

This Thursday, March 13 I’m headed to Mexico to lead a yoga retreat at a stunning yoga resort. I’m so honored to be a guide to such a fabulous group of people. It’s a mixed experience group, just like I like to teach – from yoga teachers to novice yogis. I’ll be back on Sunday, March 23rd. When I return I’ll be announcing the dates for next year’s Mexico retreat.

Please mark your calendars for April 1 when I’ll kick off another 21 Day Yoga Challenge. As always, this challenge is free. I provide yoga videos, audio meditations and tips for healthy living. All you need to do is to commit to practicing at least 10 minutes of yoga and at least 10 minutes of meditation a day. Follow along with me. I know you’ll love it. To be a part of the challenge, you simply need to be subscribed to my yoga blog. If you want to suggest this to a friend, send them here.

The link to purchasing my cookbook, Simple * Healthy * Comfort Food, somehow dropped off. Thanks to those of you that noticed and are interested in purchasing the book. It’s all set again. You can purchase a soft-cover from Amazon for $14.40 USD or try the PDF version. The PDF version is on the “pay what you can” honor system. Go here.



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