Yoga for Your Dog Workshop – this Saturday, Feb 1!


Join me and Olivia, my Whippet co-teacher, this Saturday February 1 for a fun and informative Yoga for Your Dog Workshop.

Yoga for you and your dog is a heart-centered practice that focuses on the energetic connection between you and your dog. You’ll learn how your own energy affects your dog and how you can adjust it. You’ll learn how to soothe your dog and how to be more playful together.

This unique workshop is NOT about getting your dog into cute yoga poses, although we will do some stretching and massaging for your dog. This practice is a unique combination of the energetic practice of yoga combined with dog psychology and dog behavior that will help you build a stronger relationship with your animal companion.

Yoga for you and your dog is perfect for dogs who are anxious, are too rambunctious or full of energy, are shy and afraid or bark too much. This workshop is also perfect if your dog is happy, well-balanced and well-behaved. You’ll learn ways to connect and bond even more with your fabulous fur-child.

Please sign-up early! Only 12 dog participants allowed.

The workshop is held at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio in Arlington:

Saturday, February 1 – 3:00-4:30 

Location: Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Arlington, VA

$30 per dog (people free); To register, go to:

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