Reflection: closing out the old & opening to the possibilities

large butterflyWelcome yoga friends to Day 1 of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge and Happy New Year! This free challenge delivers 21 days of my yoga videos, audio meditations, reflections, healthy recipes and tips for healthy living. By joining me, you make a commitment to practice at least 10 minutes of yoga and 10 minutes of meditation per day. You practice on your own at a time that’s convenient for you. I offer guidance and suggestions. You can think of me as your super-friendly accountability partner.

What happens if you miss a day, a week or 20 days? You forgive yourself, are gentle, let go of the past and start anew. No judgment. No worries.

For those who have been following my video blog (called a vlog) for a while, you know that I offer this 21 Day Yoga Challenge almost every month. But there is a special beauty to starting on January 1.  Winter is the perfect time for reflection and slowing down. And January 1 is the perfect time to recommit to your health and happiness.

Today’s practice is a reflection on letting go of what you no longer need and setting intentions for what you’d like to bring into your life. Get a pen and paper and find some quiet time to reflect on these questions:

New Year’s Day Reflections:

Part 1: Reflecting on 2013

  1. What are you most proud of doing in 2013?
  2. What is the smartest decision you made?
  3. What is the most loving service you performed in 2013?
  4. What is the biggest risk you took?

Part 2: Getting Rid of What You No Longer Need

  1. What would be wise to let go of from 2013? (Unhealthy habits, a relationship that no longer works, worry, an addiction, etc.)
  2. What can I eliminate from my life? Where can I do less? What can I say no to?
  3. What can I surrender to? What can’t I change?
  4. What things have I done to harm myself in 2013?
  5. What is the greatest lesson I learned in 2013?
  6. What is the biggest piece of unfinished business from 2013? What else do I need to do or say to be complete with 2013?
  7. What words sum up and describe my experiences during 2013?

Opening to the Possibilities

  1. What can I do in 2014 to make my life the best it can be?
  2. What do I want from my life in 2014?
  3. What do I want to offer my family, community, work and/or world?
  4. What brings me the most joy? How can I do more of that in 2014?
  5. Who or what am I most committed to serving in 2014?
  6. What advice will I give myself now to help me design a great life in 2014?
  7. What am I looking forward to?
  8. What one word would I like to intend as the theme of 2014?
  9. How can I love myself more?

If you want a fuller practice today, I stole an audio meditation and yoga video from my previous challenges to share with you. The audio meditation is about 8 minutes long. There are no words, just the simple beautiful sound of my chimes. The yoga asana (pose) video is about 14 minutes long and focuses on twists to detox the body. I will offer you a new video on twists later this week, since twists are so important for detox and renewal.

chime audio meditation

detox with twists yoga video

I’ve got some great things lined up for our challenge, so stay tuned.

I wish you an abundance of peace, light and love in 2014.



P.S. Invite your friends to join the FREE 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Ask them to join my blog, here:

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