hasta mudra to release negative energy, thoughts or fatigue

100_0426This photo is the Ksepana Mudra, one of the many hand postures that heal the body. This is one of my favorite hasta (hand) mudras. It’s a cleansing tool that can be used to release negative energy (yours or others), negative thoughts or fatigue.


This hasta mudra allows you to let go of what you no longer need, whether it’s a negative attitude that you hold, a relationship that is no longer working or releasing fatigue or disease. Since we are totally connected to others, we often collect others’ energy. This can be wonderful if the person’s energy is positive, but harmful if the energy is negative. We are so sensitive energetically that even a stranger with “road rage” can profoundly affect how we feel.

How to form the mudra:

The tips of the index fingers touch. Interlace the middle, ring and pinky fingers. Let the thumbs of each hand rest in the hollow of the other. Inhale deeply, then exhale deeply at least ten times – consciously releasing and letting go. Be sure to point the fingers down so that you release the energy safely into the earth. Hold for a few minutes, but not more than ten minutes. Then release the mudra and open the palms of the hands to the sky.

(This is taken from my book, Hasta Mudras for Health & Healing. To purchase my book or for more information on hasta mudras, go here.)

About Hasta Mudras

A hasta mudra is a gesture or positioning of the hands to channel and direct energy in the body. Mudras come from the over three thousand-year old tradition of yoga originating in India. Hasta means “hand” in Sanskrit and “mudra” comes from the Sanskrit word “mud”, meaning to delight. A mudra is a seal as in sealing your connection with the Divine or sealing energy in the body. There are many forms of mudras, such as with the eyes and the tongue.

Yoga is a spiritual practice and offers practical healing applications that benefit even those who aren’t spiritually oriented. Hasta mudras work in a way that can be compared to acupuncture or reflexology. By activating parts of the hand, a hasta mudra opens up channels of energy and sends messages to the brain.

Try the ksepana mudra today. If you are sensitive energetically, you may receive immediate results. But if the benefit doesn’t come quickly, be patient and consistent in your practice. Keep in mind though that while hasta mudras can offer great healing, no mudra is a substitute for medication or medical attention.

Since hasta mudras work to change the energy in the body and spirit, it’s best if you incorporate conscious breathing with your practice. Breathe full and free on the inhale and exhale the breath out completely. Find a rhythm with the breath. Try to make the inhale and exhale the same length.

It also helps to set a positive intention as you form a hasta mudra and concentrate on this intention during the practice.

Mudras can be held for various lengths of time. You may find that today’s mudra may only need to be held for seconds or try holding the mudra throughout your meditation. There are no set rules. Let your intuition guide you. Have fun and explore!

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