meditating on abundance – Day 4 of 21 Day Yoga Challenge

In today’s meditation, we’ll use a visual focus to anchor the mind. A yantra is a symbol, usually a geometrical representation, that helps the mind fasten onto a particular idea. Probably the best known yantra is the srim yantra. It represents prosperity, splendor, beauty, abundance and magnificence.

Try gazing at the srim (sounds like shreem) yantra during your meditation today. You can print out the image above and tape it in front of you. Allow the eyes to soften, perhaps even coming out of focus a bit, as you gaze at this yantra. You might like to set an intention for abundance – something you wish for (more money, more time, more beauty, etc.) for yourself or someone else. (Tip: Make sure that the center triangle points down.)

I wish you an abundance of light and love.



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