New FREE 21 Day Yoga Challenge Starts Tuesday, October 1

sand snowman

sand snowman

Hey, everybody! My new 21 Day Yoga Challenge starts Tuesday, October 1 and I’ve got some wonderful things lined up. It’s like Christmas in October and you get the FREE gifts. (See sand snowman above.)

If you are signed up for my blog, then you are signed up to get the challenge. You’ll get free yoga videos, audio meditations, recipes and tips for healthy living. As always, it’s all new material.

What is a 21 Day Yoga Challenge? It’s a bunch of us like-minded souls committing to practicing at least 5 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of meditation a day. (Don’t worry if you miss days – the goal is simply to expand our practice.) It’s easy. It’s fun. You’ll love it!

Share the love! If you are enjoying what I have to share, please tell your friends about my yoga video blog. They can sign up here:

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6 thoughts on “New FREE 21 Day Yoga Challenge Starts Tuesday, October 1

  1. I am really looking forward to the challenge. Yoga is something I have wanted to start and unsure where to – you have given me the opportunity. Thanks!!

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