Tree Pose Variations

Welcome to Day 15 of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge. This video demonstrates fun variations in Tree Pose, Vrksasana. Balance poses, such as Tree Pose, can bring up a lot of self-criticism or ego. One of the beautiful things about yoga is coming into awareness of your spirit and how it translates to your everyday life.

If you’ve been following me for a while, you may know that I love the “Perfection of Imperfection”. You don’t need to get things right or be in judgment of others. Find the larger lessons in this video and find joy in your life. The practice of yoga is the practice of relaxing into everything.



5 thoughts on “Tree Pose Variations

  1. Suzanne, this was nice timing for me. We did a lot of balance work such as tree posing, and swaying branches today in the outdoor class I attended at the National Museum of Wildlife Art “sculpture Trail”. We heard traffic, rather than the nice water flowing you had where you were.

  2. Some lovely variations to encourage people to relax and be playful. I find one of the main contrasts between yoga with adults and with children is in poses such as tree – children seem so comfortable with wobbling, trying, laughing…while a lot of Scottish adults tend to get a grim and mortified expression as they struggle to be ‘perfect’, no matter how reassuring I try to be!

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