Practicing Gratitude

gratitude stockThe other day someone told me that they have ANTS disease, Automatic Negative Thinking Syndrome. The acronym makes me laugh and I used to be able to relate to that pattern of thinking. Many people have a habit of jumping to the worst conclusion and excessive worrying. The thinking is that if we imagine the worst situation, we’ll be prepared and less likely to be hurt. The delusion is that we can control life and others.

Practicing yoga teaches us to live more fully in the present moment. We get to choose the perspective with which we view life. We learn that we are not our thoughts and that we can choose thoughts that are helpful to us.

I’m blessed to be surrounded by friends that are filled with gratitude. It’s such a joy to be in their presence. I practice gratitude as well and have seen what a vast difference this has made in my happiness and health.

Studies have shown that people who practice gratitude are much more able to cope with life’s challenges. They are less stressed and have higher levels of personal growth, purpose in life and self-acceptance. They are physically, emotionally and mentally more healthy.

Embracing gratitude is a practice. Just being grateful occasionally doesn’t make you a grateful, happier person. Just like meditation and yoga, it’s the continual practice that allows us to build healthy habits. The more you do it, the more you can experience its positive effects.

In your meditation practice today – and throughout the day, practice gratitude. Notice all the things that are right in your world. Be aware of beauty and what you are attracted to. Bless all things good.

It’s Day 3 of your 21 Day Yoga Challenge. I’m so grateful to be walking the path with you.

Wishing you light & love,


4 thoughts on “Practicing Gratitude

  1. This is lovely, and something I so needed to contemplate. Thank you, Suzanne! (Missing your Saturday morning class!)

    • Hi, Susan!
      I am missing you too! I’ve been thinking of you. πŸ™‚ So sorry that you can’t make our Mexico retreat in March. Your fabulous energy will be missed! Namaste, Suzanne

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