the deepest peace


Today I’ve been floating in a state of the deepest peace. The circumstances of my life are far from perfect, but I have the clearest truth that all is right in this world. I have an attitude of gratitude for everything in my life – what’s agreeable as well as what’s disagreeable. I feel completely present, yet clear that my future is perfectly designed and purposeful. Have you ever felt this way?

Resting in this peace, I have meditated and reflected on how I came to have this experience and came up with a few insights:

  1. Learning what brings you the deepest joy is essential. We all have parts of our life that are more joyful than others. If we are not careful, we can go through life by rote, adding to our to-do list without much thought. Practice being aware.
  2. Once you learn what brings you a sense of peace and joy, practice doing those things more. Practice decreasing the time spent on things that make you unsettled and unfulfilled.
  3. Learn to make peace and joy a priority in your schedule. It’s easy to fill up the day with things that don’t really matter. The great Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, says that peace is a practice, a habit.

Suggested Meditation

Perhaps in your meditation today you can take some time to reflect on what brings you peace, joy and purpose.

It’s the last day of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge. I hope you’ve been able to expand your yoga and meditation practice. Even if you did just a little more than you did last month, I call that a big success.

I’ll have a new 21 Day Yoga Challenge starting on August 1. Ready to join me?

I wish you light and love,


2 thoughts on “the deepest peace

  1. thank you for your shared time, knowledge, wit, tasty recipes, exercises, ideas, mediations, and all the rest of the rest givings during the 21 days with you.Some will have to be re-tried again to get my body together…:-). When feasible, looking forward to your next challenge in August.. till then, much obliged, peace and love to you.

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