give yourself a hand – a recap of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge

hands-bigI don’t know why, but this photo totally makes me laugh. I think of all those little hands clapping together and I think of us all celebrating one another for being a part of the 21 Day Yoga challenge. We did it! Now don’t get all caught up in how many days of the Challenge that you did. Even if you practiced yoga and meditation one day more than what you normally practice, that’s a big success. There’s a reason why we call it practicing yoga and meditation. The journey is the practice not the perfection.

Below is a recap of what you learned this month. Join me on August 1 for our next 21 Day Yoga Challenge!



Healthy Living:

July on the farm
Suzanne’s colors of the rainbow pasta
super healthy veggie sandwich
My Recipe of the Week: Gazpacho Soup!


the deepest peace
  increase your concentration and improve your memory with this hasta mudra
Meditate On This: How can I be of service?
prana mudra meditation
meditating with eyes open – candle flame
meditating to the sound of water

Yoga Poses/Yoga Asana Practice:

  rabbit pose and tripod pose
detoxing the body with twists
  intermediate yoga for the core
beginner yoga for the core
yoga for the IT band and outer hips
Office Yoga – take a 5 minute serenity break
lotus pose – basics plus advanced variations

2 thoughts on “give yourself a hand – a recap of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge

  1. Bahaha! Awesome photo, Suzanne. I’ve to catch up with the challenges. I get a lot of useful tips from your posts. And life’s been kinda those li’l hands lately… grabbing a lot of stuff to do.
    Congratulations to you and your followers!! Namaste, sweets. =)

    • Maia, that photo just cracks me up! I wish I had that many hands! Actually, we are probably only given two hands so that we don’t multi-task more than what we already do.
      I’m so glad we are blogger buddies! Your blog is fantastic. Always an inspiration. It’s an honor to learn from you as well – Namaste, =)

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