meditating to the sound of water

meditation rockHappy Birthday, U.S.A.! It’s a holiday for those of us in America and what a great day to be outside. I am going hiking with one of my best friends and with my dog, Olivia later today. We will stop at this special place to the right to spend a bit of time meditating to the sound of water flowing. I’ve always loved the sound of water — the waves crashing in the ocean, the sound of rain, even the sound of water in the shower has such a grounding effect.

Today try finding a body of water to meditate with. It could be a public fountain, a waterfall or a gurgling brook.

If you are new to meditation, today’s practice is very simple. Simply let your mind focus on the sounds in the present moment. Relax into everything – what is agreeable as well as what is disagreeable. If or when your mind slips into thoughts of the past or the future, gently bring your awareness back to the present by focusing again on the sound of the water.

Enjoy and let me know where you choose to meditate today!



14 thoughts on “meditating to the sound of water

  1. I have about 800 followers now to my blog. It’s wonderful to think of a bunch of us meditating “together” today. What a good energy to put out into the world! – Namaste, Suzanne

  2. happy 4th!
    This morning I drove about 45mins south of where I live, to go to a small Satyananda yoga class. It was in a lovely wooden building with a sloping roof and from where I was lying, I could see the clouds scudding past overhead. Very nice. Enjoy your walk!

  3. I will take some time as I leave my work to walk home to stop in the lovely park beside the Mississippi River which is the border of my City. It’s a gorgeous place to sit near the fountain or to be right at the edge of the river itself. Thanks for the suggeston, and have a wonderful hike!

    • Absolutely! Finding Nemo definitely counts. What a great movie. Makes me smile.

      Just got done hiking and having a great lunch with my girlfriend. We are headed to my sister’s Idyllic farm for a picnic and then back to D.C. to watch fireworks in the National’s Capital. So patriotic!

      • What a fun day for you!! We had our Canada Day last July 1st. It’s not as patriotic in my opinion, but keep lovin’ the day!

        I’ve recently shared a sequence with the class, Water Flow by Shiva Rea. We all enjoyed it! =)

  4. I’m in Waterville Valley, NH and there is waterfalls, brooks, swimming holes and lakes everywhere. Today I took a long hike in the woods and stopped by the rapids. I took my shoes off, and walked around the rocks. It was a yoga challenge because the balance takes a lot of concentration. Bare feet in the water gave my feet a reflexology session because of the uneven rocks. The cold water takes out all inflammation in your feet, ankles and knees. Great therapy!

  5. I’ll probably have to either use an audio with water in it, or turn on the sink water, because the only source of water out in nature here in Idaho Falls is going to be the site of a major fireworks show. Waaaaaaay too noisy for meditation. At least I have an MP3 player and a comfy chair for just such an occasion. 🙂

  6. Hi Suzanne,
    Congratulations on your great project and you have such a lovely dog.
    Here it is a nice lake water sound from youtube to meditate with. I love it and makes me relaxing a lot.


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