Day 20 – great source for healthy eating

I couldn’t wait for the box to arrive on my doorstep. Yesterday, I received my first order from Washington’s Green Grocer. Watch the video to see all the organic food that I got for $46. Yay! I love, love, love this company. They sell straight-from-the-farm, organic and sustainable foods – mostly fruits and vegetables, but also meats, farm-fresh eggs, dairy, etc. If you live in the Metropolitan, D.C. area, you are in luck. Check it out!!

Tomorrow is the last day of our 21 Day Yoga Challenge. Don’t forget that it’s Summer Solstice, the longest day of daylight of the year. Be sure to connect with nature and spend time outside tomorrow evening. We start the next 21 Day Yoga Challenge on July 1. Mark your calendars!



6 thoughts on “Day 20 – great source for healthy eating

  1. You told me about this, but seeing the bounty and the beauty of the produce is inspiring. I’m on it! Thanks Dear! XOXO

    • Yes, and they deliver to your DOOR! I know I said that in the video, but I am just loving that I can get healthy, organic produce delivered to me. ;). Thanks, Carol, for your comment. And I forgot to mention that Alfia Khaibullina turned me on to them. Yay! – Suzanne

  2. Looks yummy! Thank you for sharing. FYI: Ginger Root freezes well in a baggie. You can then take it out and grate it when still frozen, pop the root back in the freezer after grating.

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