Day 18 – try a mantra for concentration

IMG_0989.jpgMantras in the yogic tradition are important healing tools that use sound to improve a particular quality or area of life. The translation from Sanskrit is that the syllable man means intelligence, thinking or feeling and the syllable tram means helping and protecting power. Mantra is sometimes translated as the tools of the mind.

Repeating a sound during meditation, whether out loud or to yourself, can help keep extraneous thoughts at bay keeping you focused in the moment. You can also choose a specific mantra for healing. Today I’ll suggest:

Om Mani Padme Hum

sounds like: om mah-nee pahd-mey hoom

This beautiful mantra is used for opening the heart and developing compassion. Try it! It’s really pretty. Maybe you’d like to set an intention as you practice your meditation and repeat your mantra.



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