Day 14: judgment – can you go a day without it?

Part of what keeps us from experiencing joy and happiness is the resistance to what is. We constantly want to change things…”It’s a great day, but I wish _________.” Then fill in the blank. And as we watch the world, we constantly label things as good or bad. “I love it when _______________.” “I hate it when __________.” These seem like innocent enough statements, but our energy goes up and down as we label. As we become attached to how we want things to be instead of how they are, our energy seeps away.

There’s a difference between judgment and discernment. Discernment is looking at something as it is and making a decision. Judgment heaps on emotions and thoughts making things more cloudy.

Let’s take today to become aware of what we judge and how often we judge. Just notice.

The person that we judge the most is ourselves of course. Actually, the more you judge yourself, the more that energy will be placed on others. The more you relax the judgments about yourself, the easier life will flow with others.



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