Day 7 – Living in Vulnerability

olivia after surgeryThis is not the post I planned for today. Definitely not. I was planning a fun, happy yoga video blog on the nuances of fish pose, matsyasana. Now I sit in the fresh vulnerability of worrying about losing not one of the things that I love most in this world, but the thing that I love the most in this world: my dog, Olivia.

After an unexpected encounter with a fox on our walk last night, all night at the animal emergency room and a delicate surgery, we’re home and safe. Both of us are in pain. Even with the pain medication, Olivia’s lacerations are at best a great discomfort. My pain is the realization of how vulnerable I am to losing her.

The opportunity in yoga is to keep softening even when we want to protect ourselves. The opportunity in yoga is to soften into everything. What’s agreeable as well as what’s disagreeable. That’s how we become more gentle, kind, loving and free. That’s my work today and the real gift of yoga.

7 thoughts on “Day 7 – Living in Vulnerability

  1. Ouch! We’ve been watching Olivia since you’ve made videos with her. She’s a love at first sight being and it’s always a delight when she makes an appearance. Very stressful when our loved ones have an incident, we send astral hugs to you both.

  2. Oh no! Poor Olivia and poor you. I hope you both manage to get some rest tonight. It is awful when animals are in pain. But I always try to remind myself they don’t project and add to it the way most of us humans do. They just live it and rest, and dogs certainly seem to take great comfort from their ‘special human’ being present and calm. I’m sure your yoga will help you.
    Get well soon, Olivia!

  3. Oh Sooo very sorry to hear this sad story. I know what it is like to have that one live for your dog. I had to give one up and was on the way to give away the last one, but to my parents knowledge I was too depressed and they let me keep my German Shephard who is today 6 years old. I know the time will come when we need to part, and that makes me sad when I think about it. To encounter such unexpected pain tests our strength to surrender what We Want in life for ourselves. Grievance is allowed and encouraged but one thing we don’t have to lose is the good memories that were made. You both will be in my prayers as you get through the healing of the body and of the mind/heart. God will keep your strong and comfort you both in many ways if you just look for that. My condolences. Kim

    • Hi, Pamela! You are so sweet to ask about Olivia. She is on the mend and healing so nicely. She had 20 stitches in her leg – and now it almost looks like new. I just adore her.
      Namaste, Suzanne

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