my hasta mudra for health and healing book now available!

hasta mudra book cover  2In 2008 I wrote the first edition of my book, Hasta Mudras for Health & Healing. These hand gestures are magical in healing the body, mind and spirit. This 72 page book addresses everything from how to get rid of headaches and lower back pain, calming the mind, generating prosperity and a ton of other things.

I finally figured out how to publish my book to make it more affordable to buy small quantities – such as one book at a time. I have a PDF digital version for sale on my site (via PayPal) for $8! You can get that instantly. Yay! I also have a beautiful soft cover book available through CreateSpace for $15 plus shipping.

For those of you who see me at the studio, I will have copies available for sale at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio starting May 30 ($16).

Check out my book page to get a free preview or to place a digital or soft cover order. I know you’ll LOVE this book!



2 thoughts on “my hasta mudra for health and healing book now available!

  1. I am so enjoying your blog too! I feel connected to you even though we are countries away. Isn’t the Internet amazing. Your friend and fellow humble teacher – Suzanne

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