Day 20: when life gives you lemons…practice relaxing – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

Lemon 16The practice of yoga is the practice of relaxing into everything, what’s agreeable as well as what’s disagreeable. We call “doing yoga” practicing yoga because at best there is no end point. There is no getting it right. There is no competition or judgement.

Try an experiment today. At some point during the day, catch yourself getting irritated, angry, annoyed or hyper. Then as you bring some awareness to what’s disagreeable – a person, a feeling or life simply not going the way you planned, take a moment to be still. Try to release your expectations. Try not to label the situation as either good or bad. Take some deep breaths. Relax your eyes.

Consider that each day we have the opportunity to change our perspective. Letting go of expectations and judgement opens our lives to joy.



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