Day 16: waking up the brain – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

Nearly all of us tend to live life routinely. We go to the same coffee shop everyday at the same time. We walk our dogs around the same neighborhood course, day after day. (Poor dogs! No new scents!) We eat the same foods. We do the same yoga poses. Sound a little bit like you?

There is a benefit in routine. Having a routine is grounding and makes us feel safe. It’s easier to relax when we have a routine. It’s easier to manage a busy life.

But to feed the spirit, body and brain, it’s great to mix it up every once in a while. The brain shrinks if it’s not used or challenged. This is also true of our bodies and spirits. This yoga video demonstrates a fun way to wake up the brain. If you do this, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. You can literally feel your brain wake up. And it’s a bit silly, so stop taking yourself so seriously and have some fun.

In addition, consider doing something different at least once a day. Change the way you drive home. Try a different restaurant. Eat a food that you normally don’t eat.

And (please!) take your dog somewhere new. A dog’s brain needs stimulation. Experiencing new things keeps your dog happy and healthy. And it’s good for you too.




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