Day 8: the importance of beauty – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

the importance of beauty

To me, beauty is profound. Having beautiful things in my life is as important as the breathe. It’s a way to cultivate moments of joy, gratitude for life and to practice living in the moment. Consider what you deem beautiful. For me, flowers bring me great happiness and peace. I also love to gaze at an arrangement of my favorite produce, a collection of fruit and vegetables. I often use a large bowl of lemons and limes as a centerpiece.

This week try bringing some beauty into your life. Bring something beautiful to work so that you can rest your mind and heart throughout the day.

And let me know what you find beautiful.



P.S. This beautiful bouquet of flowers was $5.99 at Trader Joes. 🙂

1 thought on “Day 8: the importance of beauty – 28 Day Yoga Challenge

  1. After vacuuming, making the bed, scrubbing the bathtub, I felt an urge to “run away” for an hour. I decided to take a one lane back road 2 mi. from my house and ride my bike around this campground (I keep my bike in the trunk of the car for situations like this!) On my way there, I spotted a canary yellow bird with a red head perched on the end of a branch along side the road. He was a Western Tanger, beautiful—and when I went to look up “animal medicine” on what it could be telling me, I got: Coffee Bird, keeping the home clean and well stocked with food—and the coffee tastes better too!

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