Day 5: Thinking of Mexico – the best margarita recipe

I’m getting ready to have a Mexican themed party to announce my March 15-22, 2014 yoga retreat outside of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. If you are interested in coming to my yoga retreat at this stunning resort, please see details at (We are already 1/2 way sold out, so please don’t delay in contacting me if you are interested in attending. I’d love to have you.)

To set the mood for the party, I’ll be making my famous chicken enchiladas, quesadillas and serving Margaritas and Dos Equis beer.

I’ve been experimenting over and over to find the perfect margarita. After trying many recipes (It’s rare for me to drink hard liquor. Really!), I had to come up with my own. Try this and see what you think. It’s perfect for summer or for Cinco de Mayo.


1/2 c. good quality Silver or Gold Tequila

1/4 c. Grand Marnier

juice of 5 large limes

1/2 c. of water

4 to 5 oz. (about 1/2 cup) of No Worries Margarita mixer


Kosher salt

Combine all ingredients except salt.

If you want salt-rimmed glasses, place a small amount of tequila on a plate. Dip rim of glass in tequila and then let dry for 20-30 seconds, then dip glass in a plate of kosher salt.


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