Wake Up the Body: 15 Minute Yoga Practice

Day 2 of the 28 Day Yoga Challenge: Today I’m including a quick asana (yoga pose) sequence in case you need some inspiration for your home practice. Towards the end of the sequence is a lunge series. Be sure to do that on both sides as the video only illustrates one side.

Many of you have been sending your comments via FaceBook. It’s been wonderful to hear your thoughts and suggestions. You can include them here on the blog post or via the social media. Keep it comin’!

Also, I’m in the process of setting up my youtube channel. I will eventually have all the videos posted there so when you want to find something that I previously released, that will be an easy way to search for it.

Have a fab weekend!



1 thought on “Wake Up the Body: 15 Minute Yoga Practice

  1. 2/3/13 Thank you for the short video today. Yesterday I took off one day form yoga, and on way to bed I did a simple side stretch and found myself hurting to just breath, and was stuck on the floor, had strained my back. It has been countless years since this has happened. Tonight I did your video and actually was able to do most of it at my own pace. You are an inspiration to continue daily.
    Happy Sunday!

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