Meditating in Bed

Whether you are new to meditation & yoga or are a seasoned practitioner, at times quieting the mind can be challenging for all of us. The so-called “monkey-mind” wants to feverishly run the show. One of the keys to stilling the mind is to still the body. When meditating it’s important to be warm and comfortable. So why not meditate in bed? I promise you that you won’t be cheating and that the Yoga Police won’t come after you. 🙂

Remember that our 28 Day Yoga Challenge starts on Friday, February 1. You simply commit to doing at least 5 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of meditation per day for 28 days at your own pace, your own time. I’ll guide you with videos and inspiration. It’s free, but priceless.

Come join me on the yoga playground. You’ll laugh; I promise.



2 thoughts on “Meditating in Bed

  1. Interesting that what I planned on doing tonight in few minutes.Great minds do think a-like. Thank you for sharing this for all to see.

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