Ideas for Healthy Living: Juicing

If you are looking for ways to get more fruits and vegetables into your diet, consider juicing. It’s fast, fun and very nutritious because it delivers micro nutrients quickly into the body. I actually have always loved fruits and vegetables served in any form – raw or cooked, but I like juicing because it tastes great.

So check out today’s video on juicing and get my tips and tricks. Adding this healthy habit is a great way to prepare for the start of our 28 Day Yoga Challenge on February 1st.



2 thoughts on “Ideas for Healthy Living: Juicing

  1. THANK YOU for this! You made it look so easy! I definitely do not eat enough fruits and veggies so this is a great idea. Also, thank you for mentioning the brand and price of yours (very helpful) not to mention the key about easy to clean! I would also like to mention that an alternative to juicing where you can use the whole fruit and veggie is blending. With a very high power blender (such as VitaMix) you use the entire fruit/veggie for your drink. There is a great book about the health benefits of this along with recipes called Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko. Hope this helps!

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