How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

In preparation for our 28 Day Yoga Challenge which starts February 1, let’s get ready by having a nice, clean yoga mat. I often get asked how to clean a yoga mat. Check out my fun video above. (And remember – The 28 Day Yoga Challenge is free and only requires that you do a minimum of 5 minutes of yoga and 5 minutes of meditation a day.)



4 thoughts on “How To Clean Your Yoga Mat

  1. Wow! Great information! I don’t have my own mat and have usually used the studio mats (but I put my own towel down over it). Is that OK or is there a potential issue about slipping due to non-rubber surface? However, based on what you said today, I will invest in my own now! Thanks again!

    • Hi, Lily!
      Regarding your question: putting a towel over a studio mat is an acceptable solution. You may slip some on a regular towel, but they make some great thin yoga towels just for the purpose of better hygiene and also to wick up the sweat in fast-paced or hot yoga classes. I have one of these yoga towels and love it. It’s lightweight and you can wash and dry it easily. Plus the fabric is a pseudo-suede which provides much more traction than a regular towel.
      Thanks for the great question! – Suzanne

  2. Hi there, thanks very much for your help! I have two yoga mats that I swap between depending on the intensity of my class, as some poses require much more of a grip, as opposed to a lot of floor work. I can’t wait to get started, I clean my yoga mats with a quick wipe after each session, but I’m they’re definitely in need of a good clean! Rachel.

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